Implementing Bitcoin in your website doesn't have to be difficult!

Bitcoin Web Tools is a multi-platform framework that makes it dead simple to add Bitcoin functionality to your website.

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Bitcoin is an excellent platform but often times it is used insecurely, resulting in lost funds due to exploits abused by hackers. Bitcoin Web Tools was designed by cryptocurrency professionals, using well-known open-source projects to develop an easy yet secure framework.


Many Bitcoin web frameworks stutter on performance, often times because they are bloated and inefficient. Bitcoin Web Tools was designed from the ground up to be as fast as Bitcoin itself, no slow scripts here! Just fast, easy to use interfaces.


Another caveat of Bitcoin is difficulty, it can be very hard for users and developers alike to use! Bitcoin Web Tools takes every aspect of Bitcoin and makes it unbelievably easy to use in your website. Your users will also appreciate how simple the interface is for them as well!

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