Lightning fast

Bitcoin Web Tools doesn't take extra steps or rely on bloated code. The framework is optimized for every web platform to give the fastest performance possible.

Interact with other Bitcoin services easily

While we include many Bitcoin features that most people will be satisfied with, we made it dead-simple to integrate many Bitcoin services into your website, including

  • Coinbase
  • Bitpay
  • Blockchain.info
  • Purse
  • and many more

Superb security

Our framework was created with the collaboration of top Bitcoin community contributors. Well-written and secure open-source projects that the Bitcoin community trusts are used in Bitcoin Web Tools.

Comprehensive documentation

Bitcoin Web Tools is a very complate framework for all major web platforms. In order to make using it as simple as possible we have created incredibly detailed documentation, complete with code samples and full API documentation.

30-day Bitcoinback Guarantee

We understand that this framework won't be a complete solution for every single developer. If you are unhappy with the framework or it just isn't what you need we will refund your Bitcoins back to you in full. No questions asked.

1 easy developer license

Many paid frameworks have strict requirements and require multiple licenses for multiple projects. Bitcoin Web Tools requires only one license per developer/organization! Even if you are a web development agency you just need one license and you can use it wherever you want!

Support for every web framework

Bitcoin Web Tools was designed comprehensively to allow anyone to implement Bitcoin into any project.

  • Wordpress
  • Drupal
  • HTML5 and JavaScript
  • and many more